Downsizing & decluttering

Assisting in prioritisation of your things with respect and care


This is one of the Moving On team specialities. If you think you’re the only one overwhelmed at the thought of decluttering or downsizing, think again!

The most frequent sentiment expressed during an initial consultation is, 'I am overwhelmed!’


Questions Moving On will help you solve...

  • Where and when do I start the process?

  • What do I keep, and what do I do with everything else?

  • Who can I get to help? Moving On of course

  • How do I sort so many years of emotional attachments?

  • Do I need a Skip, rubbish removal, storage unit, an estate sale?

  • When do I call a Real Estate Agent?

  • Who packs everything? (Moving On of course)

  • Will my furniture fit in my new space?

  • What about all the paper, magazines, and books? 

  • How do I begin prepping my home for sale?

  • Do I need to declutter prior to listing my home for sale?

  • How do I maintain a showable home while I continue to live my life there?

  • What other services might I need to call on?

  • My children live far away, can they help?


We have got you sorted.

Moving On has in depth knowledge and experience to create and execute a detailed chain of events to minimise stress during this time. Moving On is here for you. In other words we've got you sorted.

Our service covers all aspects of your downsizing move and can be customised to your particular needs. Many clients just need an initial push to begin sorting & decluttering, some call on us when they get 'stuck' on what step to take next and many clients would like the entire project planned and executed by a professional.  Moving On can assist with all stages of this process. 

Contact us for an obligation free consultation if you are contemplating a move. Our expertise and experience ensures a smooth transition for you and your family.