Our team

We are proud of our family orientated, professional, empathetic team, and that’s why we can provide an outstanding service over and above to the people that matter the most - our clients. To us its personal, and its just the way we like to do things. The Moving On team are made up of people that have a genuine interest and care for those going through life changes. From nurses to hospice volunteers, designers, logistics gurus and experienced movers.We are here to help and want to make your next move an easy, fun and enjoyable experience.We know concerns about moving don't stop at 5pm, so we offer a 24-hour 7-day service, and we are happy to discuss your move or last minute details at any time.

Our founder & Director: Katie Fitzpatrick

After five years involvement with the America's Cup (2003 & 2005) syndicates and families in Auckland and Valencia, Katie made the decision to take her talents and energy into the wider arena establishing her business in 2010 (Lifestyle Management). Katie recognised the need for an honest business that could assist with moving individuals into a more supported living environment, or downsizing. She identified the challenges and vulnerability that can come with relocating and knew she could make this whole process easier. Katie's vision is to give her clients the best advice, services and reduce their anxiety and stress. She has personally had several life challenges herself in regards to relocating and loss, and appreciates the need for support during this time. 

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Katie's philosophy is simple: Integrity, respect and genuine care for the people you care about and love.


"Life changes and busy lifestyles often cant provide the assistance and energy you need to take care of all the details.Our team provide the professional service along with all the experience, that makes the difference. One set of instructions, and it's done. We will declutter, pack you up, disperse any unwanted items (either to auction, charity or trading house), move you and unpack you at the other end. We don’t leave until every box is unpacked. We even make your bed. So the only thing you need to worry about is getting a good nights sleep.”



The relocating and organising service is built on a genuine interest and empathy for people and Katie brings to the role a wealth of knowledge in relocating and aged assistance.