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Our Team

We are proud of our family orientated, professional, empathetic team, and that’s why we can provide an outstanding service over and above to the people that matter the most - our clients. To us its personal, and it's just the way we like to do things. The Moving On team are made up of people that have a genuine interest and care for those going through life changes. From nurses to hospice volunteers, designers, logistics gurus and experienced movers. We are here to help and want to make your next move an easy, fun and enjoyable experience. We know concerns about moving don't stop at 5pm, so we offer a 24-hour 7-day service, and we are happy to discuss your move or last minute details at any time.

Our founder & Director: Katie Fitzpatrick

Katie established her business in 2011. She recognised an opportunity in the market to provide a moving service  that cared not only about the move but more importantly the client. With 35 years experience in the disability sector and care industry she understands the vulnerability that comes with ageing. Katie set about delivering a total moving service with an emphasis on sincerity, integrity and respect.


“I wanted to put the heart and soul into moving. It's not just a relocation and is more often than not sprinkled with many challenges and emotions. Moving at any time in your life is stressful but as you get older or have more commitments you don't always have that energy or often the support to deal with all the decisions and the logistics. My goal was to remove the stress and establish a brand that could be relied on and trusted. I find it a privilege for our clients to choose to work with us. They are trusting us with their lifetime memories that make up the fabric of their lives and we take that responsibility very seriously.’

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