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Relocation Assistance

We help as much or as little as you need to take the stress out of moving.

Moving house is an exciting time, filled with the joys and promise of an even better tomorrow. However with the excitement comes the emotions and stress of uprooting your life to a new home.

​We are here to help because sometimes it just can't be done alone. The team at Moving On specialise in providing a personal and unrivalled support to you and your family, Guiding you through the choices and decisions that need to be made in a move. You need to be confident that all the details are managed just as you wish, with respect, consideration, honesty and on schedule. Our role is to put the joy and excitement back into your move, taking care of the big as well as the small details, putting you back in control.

​Whether you are moving to a supported living arrangement downsizing or just moving, there is much to do. The Moving On team will work side by side with you and with patience and sensitivity. We'll help to sort items that will go to family or friends, be auctioned, donated or disposed of. We know some possessions mean a great deal and we respect that. We plan all aspects of the move in conjunction with our clients, from packing up the old house to laying things out in the new home.

Our team has experience in helping individuals and families from all ages and stages, and are particularly aware of the demands and sensitivity required for seniors moving from their family home into a smaller home or supported living environment. We know from experience that the letting go involved with downsizing a lifetime of memories is overwhelming and needs to be handled with the utmost care and sincerity. Our team can manage all aspects of moving day and then organise for the property to be thoroughly and professionally cleaned and ready for you to sell, rent or live in. Consistently our clients tell us that our service made them feel at ease and secure, that the hard decisions became easy and they made friends with our team in the process. 


How we can help

Downsizing and decluttering

Vacated property remediation and preparation

  • Room by room decluttering and organisation

  • Distribution of unwanted goods to charity, auction or tra​ders

  • Property maintenance management 

  • Rubbish clearance 

Moving assistance and support

Estate arrangements

  • Pre-move packing arrangements 

  • Moving day assistance and support 

  • Unpacking and new home setup 

  • Sourcing and liaising with external service providers 

  • Informing necessary people about the move (mail redirection, utility readings, service transfer, newspapers)

  • Professional and respectful property clearance services 


We are ready and waiting to help.

If there are any additional requirements that would make your move easier, we are more than happy to assist. We know it is a big and emotionally draining time, often best accompanied by cups of tea and a kind smile. We want to make your move better so you have less to worry about.

Call us and discuss your requirements. We can arrange a site visit and provide a free quote, with the end goal always in mind that you will have the best move ever.

You can download a take-home PDF flier for further reference at the bottom on this page.

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